About Us

BOSS WEEK is a signature, annual community initiative based in Jacksonville, FL, organized by Larmarco Wilcox Men of Balance. Larmarco Wilcox Men of Balance is a non-profit organization developed to cultivate future leaders by assisting children to identify their purpose and design an honorable life for a successful future.

Founded by Frank Marshall, inspired by the remembrance of Lamarco Wilcox, a former recording artist known for using his music to inspire children was passionate about providing assistance in the community.

Boss Week is more than a single event, but rather a week to restore hope in the community. Using music and sports, Men of Balance intends to provide positive images to change the focus of youth in at-risk communities.

The purpose of the week is to unify entrepreneurs (bosses), work with community leaders and other activists to inspire, provide guidance, and teach leadership skills to the youth by supporting positive community initiatives.


Our mission is to cultivate future leaders by providing at-risk youths the tools and skills necessary to affect positive change in their communities.